An all inclusive catalog of both bluing up my mopeds and bluing up my mopeds
and proper installation of racing clicks.


Back in with the new again

Crank repaired. Case closed. Running well.

Left: Original crank. Right: New re-finished crank.


Out with the new for now...

Put at least 200 miles on the General with this new crank, and have had some issues. The primary clutch gear shattered some teeth off. When I went to put in the replacement I came across all sorts of weird things. The clutch bells was so wobbly, the outside of it had been rubbing on the weird cog thingy that fits inside the primary gear.

After much confusion on why a new bell with new brass bushing wouldn't fit right I realized it was because this new crank is not finished the same as the original crank. Where the clutch meets the crank, on the stock crank, has a flat square edge, while the new crank has a bullshit beveled edge that causes the bell to wobble/twist and fuck everything up. This is regardless of how tight you shim the thing. It may also been the reason the teeth on my primary are worn way down, and eventually broke...

So the new crank is back out, and awaiting some wizardry to fix it...

Top: Original crank. Bottom: New crank.

Left: Original crank. Right: New crank.

Top: Original, worn and broken. Bottom: Used but good condition replacement.


... aaand all blued up already

Blued up my blue springs in the first 24 miles. I believe this is the 3rd or 4th blue spring that has failed on me. I guess I'll have to conclude that they are no longer a viable option.
Replaced already with some stock springs that seem to be ok, though I really enjoyed the aggressiveness of the blue ones...

Generalissimo lives again...

It has been approximately 8 months since I last rode the General. It classicaly suffered a catastrophic failure merely days before our rally last August. The big end needle bearing of the connecting rod melted down and disintigrated. Well I finally got a new roller crank, and after a few delays obtaining the proper crank shims, I finished it up this weekend.

This bike sounds like the smooth, yet harrowing scream of an old airplane careening towards the ground. I forgot how powerful, fast and LOUD it is. It feels goooood to have it back.



Engine totally rebuilt with new bearings and seals. New front tire. New seat. Starting to look pretty good.

I am having a serious internal battle about keeping all the rust versus removing it. It really gives it a lot of character and nicely matches the patinaed orange (formerly red) paint... and there is a whole lot more than the photos show...

55cc Autisa kit, 15 SHA, and stock pipe= 35mph.

And now I'm out of projects again....


Up and Running Towards a Teardown

The Murray is totally rebuilt and running well. In it's former life it was a 20mph slow-poke due to the teenie tiny 8mm restricted intake and 13t front sprocket. With a real 14mm intake and a 16t front sprocket, it now hauls ass at 32mph. An Estoril is en route to give it a little more oomph. Should be a nice, zippy stocker. Salvaged from a junkyard in 1997, this slow as shit, neglected and rusting bike will live a fresh, new life; Rebuilt, resurrected, and stronger than ever before.

Super impressive specs:
Stock e50
Stock unported #3 cylinder w/ stock head (no head gasket)
Stock 14mm intake
Stock 14mm Bing w/ 72 aftermarket jet (no air filter)
Stock pipe
16t x 45t gearing


I also got the Baretta running a wicked bone stock 28mph. But I'm pretty sure the transmission seal is leaking as it runs suuuuuuper smokey. Also the engine sounds like a coffee grinder and requires a total rebuild. I have the parts. I just need to make some time to tear the engine apart. A new seat and matching front tire are on their way as well.


'Lambretta' Murray

Looks like there are some other 'Lambretta' Murray's out there...


Rusty Baretta and Patinaed 'Lambretta' Murray

Engine is ready. Throttle and carb are ready. Wheels and brakes have been cleaned and rebuilt. Needs new tires and a left hand brake/clutch lever control, which I don't have :( So it will get to wait until I procure the last few parts.

In the meantime, I will be rebuilding and reviving this 1980 Murray I got awhile back. I have a new crankshaft, bearings, seals, and tires to put in and on it. I think I'm going to leave it stock for awhile. Need to figure out a lowered seat... It should also be noted that someone, along time ago, took a lot of care into putting replica-Murray decals that read 'Lambretta' on the tank and forks of this bike. Anyone have an explanation for this? Pretty sure Lambretta never had anything to do with Murray's... I will take some better photos...

I really love the rusty, patinaed look of these old junkers.


Baretta Magnum

Hi everybody! I've got 1 or 2 new projects I MIGHT remember to post about, but I also MIGHT forget! Probably!

Picked up this 1978 Baretta Magnum the other day. Since it only has 500~ miles on it, and the taillight and external coil were loose, my theory is that a taillight bulb blew causing the bike to lose spark, someone lazily searched for spark, and then the bike sat for the last 35 years. I grounded the blue wire, and ZAP!, had spark instantly. I expect to have it running and rideable by this weekend with rebuilt wheels and a NOS piston & cylinder.

Tank inside is super duper clean. I pryed the stuck piston out of the rusty cylinder and the engine was full of oily green goo, which is better than rusty!