An all inclusive catalog of both bluing up my mopeds and bluing up my mopeds
and proper installation of racing clicks.


Out with the new for now...

Put at least 200 miles on the General with this new crank, and have had some issues. The primary clutch gear shattered some teeth off. When I went to put in the replacement I came across all sorts of weird things. The clutch bells was so wobbly, the outside of it had been rubbing on the weird cog thingy that fits inside the primary gear.

After much confusion on why a new bell with new brass bushing wouldn't fit right I realized it was because this new crank is not finished the same as the original crank. Where the clutch meets the crank, on the stock crank, has a flat square edge, while the new crank has a bullshit beveled edge that causes the bell to wobble/twist and fuck everything up. This is regardless of how tight you shim the thing. It may also been the reason the teeth on my primary are worn way down, and eventually broke...

So the new crank is back out, and awaiting some wizardry to fix it...

Top: Original crank. Bottom: New crank.

Left: Original crank. Right: New crank.

Top: Original, worn and broken. Bottom: Used but good condition replacement.

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